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Units are guaranteed to be in good to excellent condition but are NOT guaranteed to be current model year.

Rental pickup and return: 9am to 8pm M-Sat 9am to 6pm Sunday Eastern Standard Time.

There is a $100 deposit up front (valid credit card only) required for each rental.

Cancellations 7 days or more will receive a full refund. Cancellations due to unsafe weather conditions at OUR DISCRETION, will be provided a full refund.

There is a $50 per hour per unit late fee for units not returned by 8pm / (6pm Sun) on the final day.

Helmets are mandatory at all times while operating unit

All units go out with a full tank of gas. Units should be returned with a full tank of gas.

Lessee is responsible for gas, oil, tax, and any repairs or damages that may be caused to the rental

Lessee must have a valid drivers license and credit card.

Units leaving the property are agreed upon by the Lessor and the Lessee to be absolutely damage free.

Lessee agrees to pay for any parts or labor incurred from any damage.